Acort (isoconazole Nitrate + Diflucortolome Valerate)

Net Weight: 19g

Shelf Life: 3 Years

The treatment of limited skin mycoses is not generallycomplicated, in view of the diverse range of modernanti-fungal products available for external use.1–3While they may be effective for some patients, topicalanti-fungal agents may aggravate an inflammatoryprocess, which is manifested by the intensification ofpruritus, hyperaemia, exudation and the appearanceof vesiculation and weeping. This may occur for tworeasons: first, the causative agents of skin mycoses arenot very sensitive to the prescribed anti-fungal agent;second, if the mycotic process has an acute coursewith a marked exudative reaction, then prescribingeven an effective anti-fungal agent may result inintensification of manifestations of an inflammatoryprocess. This occurs most commonly in patientssuffering from chronic skin diseases and in patientspredisposed to allergic reactions. In such cases, theanti-inflammatory activity of an anti-fungal productfor topical use is found to be inadequate and there isa need to prescribe combined products containinganti-fungal agents and glucocorticosteroids.


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